Transport, warehousing, shipping – that’s our world. Come and join our team!

We offer apprenticeships in the following fields:

  • Commercial assistant for shipping and logistics services
  • Professional driver
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Warehouse specialist

At Maier, we currently have 18 apprentices spread over three apprenticeship years. During their apprenticeships, our trainees become familiar with the different departments; e.g. dispatch, international transport, service, warehouse + logistics and customs clearance. This makes the apprenticeships extremely multifaceted and interesting.


We also offer you:

  • Guaranteed solid training
  • 30 days of paid holiday
  • Transport allowance
  • Regular internal training courses
  • Apprentice excursions
  • Welcoming work environment


And we also reward your performance! The top of the class at the end of the first year of the apprenticeship can look forward to free use of a company car and a fuel card for business and private use in the following apprenticeship year.


What we expect of you:

  • Interest in shipping, warehousing + logistics
  • Honesty, punctuality and reliability
  • Enjoyment in interacting and working with others


Have we piqued your interest? We look forward to your application. 

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If you have any questions, you can reach our training director Magdalena Kern on +49 (0)7731 828-307.

We take training junior talent VERY seriously

Systematic training of the next generation of employees combines the need-based and strategic workforce planning of our company with the individual career planning of the apprentices. We aim to achieve positive effects on several levels: in terms of meeting our future demand for specialist and managerial staff, the focus is on optimising our internal development processes.

Not only the trades, but shipping companies in particular know all too well how difficult it is to find and retain suitable applicants. The shortage of skilled workers has been a problem affecting the numbers of drivers and commercial applicants for years.

It’s high time to break new ground, both to advance the quality of training and to generate enthusiasm for the shipping industry among young people.

That is why we offer apprenticeships!


And now we are also rewarding the top apprentice in the first year of the programme

In recognition of their hard work, the top apprentice will receive free use of a company car for the following apprenticeship year. The car can be used both for business and private use, and free fuel is included.

We want to incentivise young people to give their best. With this APPRENTICE car, we are sending the message that hard work pays off